It's the ROCK LOTTERY... don't miss this Ideat Village premiere event!

June 19th at GPSCY, 204 York Street
immediately following the Ideat Village Film Festival, Part 2.

Screenings start at 9:00 pm;   the Rock Lottery bands hit the stage starting about 11:00 pm.

This is history in the making!

What is this Rock Lottery, you say?...

Drawn by lot, chosen at random, Five New Local Super Groups were created on the spot from a pool of participating vocalists, drummers, bass players, guitarists, and 'other random players'. Forty-two brave and confident local musicians stepped up to the challenge... twenty-four lucky ones were picked in the lottery, which was held at the IVIX fundraiser on June 5th.

The composition of the bands is awesome and really diverse, with all styles represented. Each of the five bands set off to learn two songs (a cover and an original) in less than two weeks. You'll get to hear the result on the Ideat Village stage on Saturday June 19th.   We can't wait!

The bands are:

Julius Seizure

Nancy Needs A Name  (but we're affectionately referring to them as The Nancy Boys)

The Lunch Ladies

The Mystery

The Oswald Banned

Bands are listed alphabetically... the actual order will be chosen by lot at the event (of course).