the return of


open to all musicians who are up for this ultimate challenge!

Drawn by lot, chosen at random, several Brand New Local Super Groups will be created on the spot
from a pool of participating vocalists, drummers, bass players, guitarists, and 'other random players'.

If you were there last year, you know this is a blast.  All are encouraged to participate!
Sign up, and pass this info on to all of your musician friends.
We are hoping for a broad range of styles and genres to select from.  Don't be shy!


Just email ideat village to be included in the drawing. Submit your name, contact information (email is preferred) and instrument -- simply note "vocals", "guitar", "bass", "drums", or "other".  The "other" category is a wild card and can be any instrument.

The drawing will be held at the Ideat Village fundraiser at Cafe Nine on Saturday, June 4th. You do not have to attend to be included in the drawing -- if your name is drawn, we will contact you to fill you in on your bandmates, their contact info, etc.

Each Super Group will then have two weeks to learn two songs:   one of your choice, and a second, also drawn by lot, that will specify a specific genre, artist, decade, etc.  In addition, each Super Group must also come up with an original Ideat Village "jingle" -- just a few catchy lines, set to music.


Each Super Group will perform their songs on Saturday June 18th at Rudy's.  Take note: this will be the first live music performance at the "new" Rudy's.  Yes, it's a competition, but the stakes are pretty low... Prizes will be of minimal value, but the adoration of your fellow musicians is a priceless treasure. 

There will be an overall winner, but also special recognition for best outfits and best merch, so get creative!

Hope to see you there!

For more information, e-mail ideat village